We have a Pack meeting this upcoming Tuesday evening, September 2nd @ 6:45pm.  This will be our first Pack meeting of the year with the Pack 57 International Theme!  September’s International Theme will feature the United Kingdom, and I know the Webelos IIs have some special surprises in store for you.  Also, please make sure you bring in your Popcorn sales sheets/money so that Lynette Johnson, Popcorn Czar, and Sandy Duke, Pack Treasurer, can record your sales, receive any money you’ve collected and issue “SWAG” (pronounced Schwaaaagg) tickets for the drawings!  For every $25 in Popcorn sales turned in, you’ll receive a ticket for our drawings.  Anyone who comes to the meeting will also receive a ticket.  We’ll draw tickets and give away some more swag at the Pack Meetings!

Because this will be a long first day back to school after being off on Labor Day Monday, we’ll be mindful of the kids’ energy level and I promise to have everyone out by 8pm sharp!


***NOTE:  If any changes need to be made to your existing information on the Website, please e-mail them to  THANKS!

September Camping Trip- Register NOW!

Posted on Aug 30 2014 - 3:27pm

Registration is now open for our Pack 57 September 12th-14th Camping Trip at Joanne Campsite, Lawhorn Scout Base, Molena, GA!  Register here This trip will be free to all Pack 57 Cub Scouts, and $10/each for parents/siblings (MAX COST = $30/family). Your money will include camping fees, breakfast on Saturday morning, a “Cracker Barrel” Snack (don’t worry, we’ll explain this) on Saturday evening, and light breakfast on Sunday morning before we break camp. 


Posted on Aug 30 2014 - 3:22pm

Good Saturday afternoon Gang-  Well, the “liquid sunshine” held off this morning/early part of the afternoon while we sold some Popcorn!  Sales were a mixed bag…we had some folks report good sales and others report not as good.  This was attributed, at least in part, to people not being at home presumably because of the Holiday weekend.  Lynette, Kim and I will take a look at the schedule and may add another Popcorn Blitz later this Fall. 

Rounding Up A LOT of new Pack 57 Cub Scouts...

Posted on Aug 21 2014 - 7:49am

On August 20th at the Newnan Crossing Elementary Round-up, we were able to sign up 16 new Pack 57 Scouts and 2 new Pack 57 Leaders!  WOW!  If you have not already, please join me in welcoming our new Scouts, siblings and parents to out Pack 57 Scout family!

Wood Badge Attendee's S9-95-14

Posted on Jun 20 2014 - 1:27am

In March of this year, five of our Pack 57 Leaders started their journey to receive advance Scout training that is known as Wood Badge Training.  Wood Badge Training is the adult, premier Scout Training Course and involves classroom/outdoor training over several weekends and projects over 18 months.  You can learn and read more about this training here- . Over the next 18 months these five leaders will be on their journey toward earning their beads and more importantly, receiving advanced training that will enhance our Pack's development and skill set.  Many hours and time away from their families are put into this training to make them and Pack 57 the very best!  Please keep these leaders in your prayers and wish them luck when you see them!  Obtaining their beads is an incredible undertaking! Raina Bass, Jay Coker, James Duke, Shaq Khan and Jerrod Knapp- we are very proud of you for taking on this challenge and responsibility!  Additionally, Kim Coker (Quartermaster) and Shawn Pfaff (Senior Patrol Leader), congratulations for being on this year's Wood Badge Training Staff!  What an elite honor for you! 

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