Please remember that Pack Dues ($63) were due into our Pack Treasurer, Sandy Duke, by October 1st.  If you have not paid, please get with Sandy ASAP!  Pack Dues are $63 and cover Boys Life Magazine, BSA Dues, Liability Insurance and Awards/Acheivements for your Scout during the 2014-15 Scouting Year!  We have the "Square" debit/credit card reader if you would like to pay by debit/credit card (there is a small processing fee charged by Square).  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me ( or Kim Coker (  Thanks!

***NOTE:  Parents, we are getting ready to recharter for the 2014-14 and need the most up to date information.  Please take a minute to check the accuracy of roster information for Your Scout's/You.  If any changes need to be made to your existing information on the Website, please e-mail them to  THANKS!


Popcorn Sales are in...

Posted on Oct 27 2014 - 10:46pm

We have completed the 2014-15 Popcorn Sales, and Lynette has placed the order!  We'll be sharing the results of sales at the November Pack Meeting!  However, we can now announce that we had several Scouts sell $1000+ in Popcorn!  Great job Scouts and Parents!! (click "read more")

First Semi-annual Loop-A-Palooza= Success!

Posted on Oct 27 2014 - 10:42pm

This past weekend, we had 22 Scouts who participated in our First Semi-Annual Loop-A-Palooza!  Pack 57 Scouts earned belt loops in the areas of Soccer, Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Flag Football! This event was an idea born over this past Summer by Bear Leaders, Amanda and Buddy Pack!  While the scheduling for this event was tough, because it was on the heels of our Annual Spook-O-Ree Campout weekend, we are very proud of this event and its success!  If you did not get to participate, fear not...Amanda and Buddy are planning another one for the Spring!  Congratulations to the 22 Scouts, Parents and Adult Scout Leaders who participated this weekend!  

2014 Pack Pack 57 Spook-o-Ree

Posted on Oct 27 2014 - 10:41pm

On October 17th-19th, 71 of us spent a wonderful Fall weekend at Camp Thunder, Lawhorn Scouting Base in Molena, GA!  Fall was upon us, as Mother Nature's air-conditioning kicked it into high gear (especially Saturday night).  I believe all of you will agree that this was yet another great weekend of family time, Pack time and many activities for Cub Scout families that included BB gun shooting, archery shooting, Blowguns, Wrist Rockets, Pumpkin decorating, Costume contests, 2 haunted trails, games and so much more!  THANK YOU so much for your attendence, participation and most of all, your enthusiasm.  We were one of the largest, most well represented (and most well behaved Scouting Units there)!  We are very proud of all of you and are looking forward to our next Camping experience in January!  

Have you sold $300 in Popcorn yet??! REGISTER FOR CHANCE TO WIN iPad MINI!!!

Posted on Sep 17 2014 - 5:37am

Registration is now open for any Cub Scout who has sold at least $300 in Popcorn!  Scouts who sell $300 worth of popcorn are eligible to be in the drawings for an iPad mini. (Only Scouts with registration in the Flint River Council are eligible for drawings).  This represents one of many ways that Scouts can be rewarded for selling Popcorn! Register at the link below...

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